AutoMates Robotics is specialized in a new kind of collaborative robots: cobots.

Cobots can work together with people, so they’re often easier to deploy, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. They are also a lot cheaper than industrial robots.

We can assist you from an initial feasibility study (ROI) all the way to the eventual integration of cobots in your production process. We also provide the necessary training to employees that need to work with the cobots. We’re brand-independent and can, therefore, always find the best cobot for the job.

In addition to cobots, we also specialize in custom ‘deep learning’ vision solutions, which we develop entirely in-house. A vision system can recognize, check and localize items and works stand-alone or together with cobots.

A cobot that’s provided with vision can, for example, sort items, discard defective items, determine the correct orientation of the gripper arm before gripping, etc.

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